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Four Gen 2030 Food Strategy

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Never before have marketing teams been more challenged. Today we have four distinct demographic
groups in the labour market and in the marketplace each is making food buying choices that suit their
specific needs! How can food pros innovate to provide Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials and GenZ the
food products, recipes and restaurants they want? This presentation brings attendees up to date on the
differences and commonalities between these consumer groups and shares insights that will help
innovators of all stripes and career stages to create winning business concepts. Starting with an
overview of the current needs and attitudes in each of these demographic segments, the presentation
provides concrete examples of how to reposition the same product for different audiences and teases
out common needs that will help to identify the highest value market positionings for innovators looking
toward building an innovation pipeline that will take them to 2030.

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Popular Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Since no two Blue Unicorn clients have the same set of needs, we customize presentations for each audience. Below you’ll find descriptions of some of  Dana’s most popular topics; but, don’t stop there!  We’d love to create something unique for your audience.

Is your Product Unique:
This workshop helps innovators to organize their thoughts, evaluate opportunities and get from idea to concept quickly.

How Failure Fuels Innovation:
Suitable as a keynote for executive teams, this key note will change the way  leaders think about the way the incent, reward and motivate cross functional teams.

One Step to Fearlessness:
This keynote speech helps remove the fear factor from taking innovation risks. Perfect for kicking off a day or brainstorming or strategy.


What’s on the horizon in the agri-food sector?  This visual presentation features an inspiring array of examples of work researchers and innovators are doing today so that we can understand what will be on store shelves, in our homes and offered at restaurants tomorrow. Seminar can be customized and adjusted to a length that suits your event agenda.         

Today’s Trends | Tomorrow’s Opportunities: 

 Join food industry insider Dana McCauley for an in-depth presentation about the forces that are influencing today’s consumer and how industry and agriculture are adapting to these dynamic times. This is our number one most popular topic!  Dana takes a deep and objective dive into your category by examining the demographic and global trends that affect your business. Seminar can be customized in length to as little as 45-minutes or up to 90-minutes. Tell us what interests your audience and we’ll create a unique and actionable presentation.                                  

Counter Top Critic:
Give us your bench samples, your existing products and packaging and we’ll give you objective industry insider feedback that you can use to optimize your offering. This service can be delivered in person, on skype or by written report. Dana McCauley has been a juror for the SIAL Canada Innovation Awards, the Grand Prix Awards and was a judge for two seasons on Recipe to Riches, a TV show that resulted in the launch of over 15 nationally listed grocery products. She will give you her unvarnished opinion and suggestions for improving taste, packaging, positioning, onpack messaging and more. 



Dana’s in-depth knowledge of the food industry, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for all things food related make her a true culinary expert. She is a decisive and effective communicator, always getting the best out of her team. Dana’s warm personality and quick wit make her a lot of fun to work with.
~ Kim Yokota, Vice President, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign ~

~ Kim Yokota, Vice President, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign ~

Dana has a definite passion for food and the art of culinary. With a proven track record throughout her career, she was able to bring her innovative approach to product development and marketing communications for the organization. She was a pleasure to work with and will undoubtedly continue to bring new ideas and approaches to the organizations and initiatives that she works closely with.
~ Jeff Pontes, Director, Digital Strategy at Sobeys ~

~ Jeff Pontes, Director, Digital Strategy at Sobeys ~

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