Subscribers to our Food Trends TV YouTube channel will  know that Dana McCauley is back with new videos! Besides posting new episodes of the original Food Trends TV, a series of 2 to 3 minute videos designed to keep people working in the food sector on top of food trends, Dana has created two new series for the channel as well!

  • What is…? For anyone who wants to keep abreast of what people on the cutting edge of food are talking about, Food Trends TV launches a new series to be called “What…is?” These super short videos will explain new and unusual food terms so that you have all the 411  you need  to talk about the latest emerging trends!  Heard a food term you’re not familiar with?  Email us at [email protected] and your query may be featured on “What is…?’
  • Counter Top Critic Also new for spring 2017  is , a new Food Trends TV feature where Dana McCauley tries products and tells you not just which ones are worth trying yourself but also what makes them worth your consideration. Upcoming episodes will include:  Mayonnaise, Movie Theatre Style Bagged Popcorn, Frozen Lasagna and Instant Mac and Cheese. Send your suggestions for other product reviews to [email protected]